Where does it start?

Many people think Road Rage starts with the incident on the road; not so! The seeds of Road Rage may have been planted hours, days, or weeks ago, perhaps even years before. You may have had an argument with your boss, a co-worker, or your spouse. Maybe you are having trouble with your children or dealing with other problems. Whatever your situation, you've been holding in the problems for so long that when an ordinary annoyance happens, like getting a flat tire and discovering the jack isn't in the car, all your frustration finally comes boiling out.

What triggers it?

There are many things that may have triggered your anger...a slow moving, older person in front of you, a horn honking at you, being cut off, catching a red light when you're in a hurry, or just having to deal with too much traffic. These things bring you to the point where you start reacting on an emotional level. You're upset and emotionally out of control. You don't take the time to look at the big picture.

Identifying the problem

At this point, you still may not see you have a problem with anger. You need to think your way through the problem but you are so upset and emotional that you just react. Now you cut someone off in traffic, or worse, you have some form of physical violence with another person driving and you become the perpetrator of Road Rage. Later, sitting in the back of a police cruiser or across the desk from a lawyer, you think, "Why did I lose control? What's wrong with me?" and you realize that your anger may be a bigger problem than you thought. Ask yourself: Do I have a problem keeping my cool? When I'm angry, do I feel like I'm losing control? When I'm angry, do I do things I later regret?

Getting Help

Finally there's a program that will help you recognize, understand, and learn how to control your anger.
We understand and we can help. New Hope/Anger Management
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We can help you gain control over your anger.
If you learn to control your anger, it will not control you!

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