Anger Management Training For Youth

If your Organization would like to sponsor a weekend
Anger Management Class for a group of 10 or more Youth
in Palm Beach, Broward or Martin County
you may contact Dolly Johnson Director of Children and Youth
at (561)832-3828

Hear the Hearts of Your Youth Concerning Anger

     Last summer I attended the Anger Management class. I learned how my defense mechanisms work. This helped me to realize when I was using them and to resort to an alternative. I learned why it is bad to repress anger and that it is better to cope with it. I was in an environment with other people like me. This makes it easier to share feelings and have people to relate to...I got allot from this class. I would recommend this class for everyone who needs it.
               JimBob, Age 14

     I participated in the Anger Management Class in the summer of 2000. I learned most of my anger problems were occurring because I am an imploder. This means that when something stressful would happen, I would hold it in. Eventually after gradual events occurred I would snap.
     Since the Anger Management Class, I have improved greatly and m y emotions handling things are great. To conclude, this class really helped me in many ways and I would recommend this class to other kids.
               Kristin, Age 12

    Anger Management has helped me a lot in learning to control my anger. I was also dealing with frustration, disappointment and hurt.
    Most of my frustration came from school. When I was not in school, I hardly talked at all. I don't have many friends. Tests caused much of the frustration I had. Just thinking about them made me angry because, most of the time, I failed tests.
    I have been very disappointed with many things and that brings on hurt. I became disappointed when my Mom and Dad left each other. I kept asking myself, "Why me?" and I was hurt and angry. Even though I know that it is best for both of them not to be together, it hurts me very much.
    I think that without Jesus in my life, I would not get through all of this. I know that I am not alone and that Jesus is always with me. He has really helped me. Anger Management has also helped me to control my anger and not to stuff the anger inside of me. I just want to say thank you to Jesus, and to Anger Management.
               Andrew   Age 13

Hear the Hearts of the Youth Leaders

    It is with great pride that I send this letter forward in behalf of Dolly Johnson and New Hope. Mrs. Johnson and the Anger Management program have been a God send to me and my work.
Dolly has successfully taught classes for the young people of my congregation including grades 3 through 12. Her communication with the kids was strong and compassionate and the Anger Management curriculum was timely and useful to my kids.
     I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to deal with the pressures of youth anger.
I have used this program a number of times to get the strong word across that anger needs to be dealt with. My sincere hope is that Mrs. Johnson has the opportunity to present this program to others.
               Rev. Kraig F. Busman
              Associate Pastor and Youth Director
              Victory Worship Center

     I want to express my thanks to Dolly Johnson for the fine job she did teaching 25 kids how to deal with stress and anger management. The 4 weeks were sincerely a blessing in helping them get ready for school.
     The Mayor and Police Chef really thought it was great. Through the efforts of Dolly and Operation Hope many people will be given hope for their future by receiving assistance and guidance on their journey.
               Ken Bowers
               Director of Operation Hope

A Mothers Heart

     My children attended the New Hope Anger Management Class in the summer of 2000. After the class was over, we sat down and discussed what they had learned. I learned from my children that they each handle anger differently. My daughter would hold things in and my son would explode. They learned what their "defense mechanisms" were and how they could change the way they reacted to a particular situation. My daughter's "defense mechanism" was withdrawal, while my son had several. He would rationalize his actions and always blamed something or someone else. Another one he used was repression. He used to humor or changed the subject to cover up what he really felt inside instead of dealing with the anger and emotions. Learning and understanding what their defense mechanisms are when they are anger has helped them to change the way they react to their anger. They learned that there are more effective ways to channel their anger. I am able to understand them better, which changes my reaction to the situation too.
     I am a single parent because I decided to leave an abusive and controlling relationship so that the quality of life would be better for my children. As parents, I believe that we are responsible for providing our children with the tools and skills that they will need in life.
     The "Anger Management Class" provided excellent knowledge and skills in dealing with anger and emotions. This class had a great impact on my children and gave them skills that they can use through life. As a family, we are able to communicate better instead of fighting. Words can not express what this means to me..... I would highly recommend this class for children and adults.

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