Anger Management for Children
3rd. through 6th. Grade

If your Organization would like to sponsor a weekend
Anger Management Class for a group of 10 or more Children
in Palm Beach, Broward or Martin County
you may contact Dolly Johnson, Director of Children and Youth at
(561) 832-3828

What do the teachers say about Anger Management?

   I would like to express my enthusiasm and gratitude to Anger Management. It was my pleasure to assist Mrs. Dolly Johnson at a Youth Seminar. I wondered how a class of 8 - 10 students, varying in the age of 10 - 12 would communicate their feelings to one another, Some students were agitated just because they were there.
     With the "tools" this program provides, we were able to get around personality conflicts. I think I can speak for the students if I say that knowing everyone is entitled to their own opinion, left the gates of communication wide open for civil discussions on personal matters.

    I am writing this letter to state that I have worked with the New Hope/Anger Management program for several years. As a special education teacher, I used parts of the program with my emotionally handicapped students to help them learn to deal with their anger appropriately. I found that this complemented my behavior management system and blended well with conflict resolution strategies.
     I had the pleasure of working with this program as a facilitator during a New Hope Anger Management weekend seminar. This session had youngsters that ranged from pre-teen to teenagers. I worked with several children who were pre-teens but was able to observe both age groups during the session. I felt that the program appeared to help these children understand that everyone has an opinion and that it can differ from their own. It also aided them in identifying support people, called a safety net, to help them deal with their feelings and practice using skills to express their anger in acceptable ways.
     I highly recommend this program for the reasons that I listed
               Megan Kennedy


What do some Children say?

     What I learn in anger management was, sometimes when we get too buisy we do not take the time to see what is really going on. I also learned to listen to my mother better and deal with my own personal problem. Anger is something we have a hard time with.
     I am only 11 years old and I learned not knowing how to stop the anger causes it to grow and I could take it out on others. So the class is good.

     Anger Management has helped me alot. My attitude towards my brother is not so strong. I have learned to control my temper. Anger Management and some help from karate, has changed my attitude 98%.
     When I first started the class I felt like I didn't fit in. But everybody made me feel welcome. I played lots of games and had lots of fun! Mrs. Dolly, the person who put the whole thing together, was the most fun of all.
               Sarah, Age 9

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