Is This for Me?

Do You Blow Up  
At Someone or Something in Your Life?
At Home? At Work? At School? In Public? On the Road?

Then Wonder Why and Regret the Consequences?

Finally... the seminar that helps you
If you learn to control your Anger it will not control you!

Some of the Topics you will Learn in the Seminar

Five Rules of Anger Management

What are Defense Mechanisms?
    Eleven common attitudes or behaviors we adopt.

Road Rage:
    Where does it start?
    What triggers it?
    Identifying the problem

Are you an Imploder or Exploder?

A Journaling Inventory:
    Ten questions to ask yourself.

Why is it important to create and use a Safety Net

Feelings: Six common causes of Anger.

A Wheel of Emotions: What is it?

Learning about the Emotional Cycle and how to stop it.

An Anger Worksheet:
     Identifying 5 areas your feelings may affect yourself and others

     Why is it important?

Charting your Anger Scale.

Eight ways to control a flaming temper.

Seven reasons you should understand anger.

Six ways to give and receive effective feedback.

Nine “Do's and Don'ts” in anger management.

Three areas to recognize and express anger appropriately.

This 8 hour course on anger management
can change your life!!

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