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Dearest friends,

I would like to sing praises for the "Anger Management" program. It has literally saved my life, and restored my faith in human beings.

I came to my first seminar hoping to "fix" my husband. My second seminar I learned I couldn't. At my third seminar I was taught I wasn't crazy, just misguided about my unacceptable behavior. I realized at the fourth seminar there are safety nets and journals to be used to keep my sanity. When I attended the fifth seminar, I became accountable and responsible for my own actions.

I have come to the conclusion that this is not a quick fix program. I did not master my unacceptable behavior overnight. I can not change after one seminar, but I am
on the right track."Anger Management" is like potato chips, you can't attend just one. Yes you guessed what I'm hinting at.


I highly recommend the New Hope/Anger Management program.
Their program takes a structured, hands-on approach to teach individuals anger management and control. Their program is designed to provide guidance and techniques to help individuals to cope with the stresses of life. Stresses that may have been overwhelming for them and contributed to their self-destructive and antisocial behaviors in the past.

The Anger Management team have taught the staff of our emergency shelter and will be a teaching component in our new Homeless Intervention Center. Their Anger Management program is an integral part of any rehabilitative process where individuals are working toward turning their lives around.

Joni L. Baker
Director of Social Services
The Salvation Army

"Anger Management taught me to become aware of why and how I reacted the way I did. Now I have a mature, responsible, life saving tool through this course. Thanks."

"Where there was no hope, now there is hope. My anger always came back full circle. Don and Dolly showed me how to break the cycle once and for all."


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