Anger Management
Seminars for Adults

If your Organization would like to sponsor a weekend
Anger Management Class for Adults
in Palm Beach, Broward or Martin County
you may contact us at (561)832-3828

Adults often react to emotionally unpleasant situations without thinking. This seminar helps you recognize what causes your frustration in situations, and teaches coping skills needed to deal with it before things get out of control.

Anger action patterns come from learned generational behavior exhibited by role models. These role models are primarily strong individuals who taught incorrect defensive mechanisms through their own conduct. This means adults often lack the cognitive ability to think through situations. They often respond with inappropriate personal management skills. They instinctively seek the fastest way to defend themselves from attitudes and behavior viewed as unpleasant.

We help adults identify the defensive postures they take when feeling threatened. Rage takes control of the adult, and in turn, the adult uses that rage to control others. Adults do not look for ways to stop the anger; they act without thinking and then look for ways to cool down. If you don't know how to stop anger, it grows and spreads to anyone or anything that gets in it's way.

We provide the tools to promote thinking before reacting. One behavior we stress is listening. Good listening skills combine silence, an open mind, body language, eye to eye contact, and holding your temper. We help you understand that no matter how irrational the situation may seem, if you listen, you can develop understanding to help you solve the problem by thinking through it, not reacting emotionally to it.

Our seminar includes some thirty other topics including: defense mechanisms; safety net; emotional cycles; controlling a flaming temper; and your body's reaction to anger. for more information click here:
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